Thursday, April 12, 2007



Cute Cat

This is a picture of a really cute cat :)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Allowing students to work on the computer is preparing them for their future and helping them adjust to the real world. Today, almost everything we do involves a computer in some way. Obtaining the skills needed to be successful on a computer comes from repetitive practice and becoming familiar with different ways a computer operates. It is important for students to work with computers so that as they get older, they feel comfortable in social and professional situations.


Working with technology gives students many important skills. If a student is working to create something either on a computer program or on the internet, they are usually working independently. This allows students to use creativity and increase their ability. Children now are so use to working with computers that they feel confindent about what they are doing and are usually successful. They work hard and do a good job because they enjoy what they are doing and are proud of the outcome.

Grabbing Attention

It is important to have technology in the classroom today because it grabs students' attention. I have observed in a high school math classroom where the students were not interested in participating in class or listening to anything the teacher had to say. The next day, she took them into the computer lab to play math games on the computer and have competitions. It felt like I was observing a completely different classroom!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Physical World and Virtual World

It is very important to teach students the similarities between the physical world and the virtual world. For example, children have to know that burning a CD that has a copyright is the same as stealing it from the store. Another example is when a student copies another person's work and turns it in. Most students know that this is cheating, but it is easier for them to use the copy and paste function on the computer and not think twice about it.

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